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Dec 3, 2013 Latest News
Portrush Holiday Hostel, excellent accommodation in the centre of Portrush
Portrush Holiday Hostel, excellent accommodation in the centre of Portrush


Portrush Holiday Hostel is quite simply one of the best hostels I have stayed in anywhere in the world – let me tell you why.  I have stayed in my fair share. Surf trips around the globe (pre-children of course, now all these are very distance memories!) have meant I have been lucky enough to crash for the night in the USA, Asia, Australia, South America, Central America, Europe and Africa. One may easily fall into the trap of thinking a young surfer will sleep anywhere but I’m actually a wee bit if a fuss-pot when in comes to my forty winks – fleas and dirty pillows are not for me!

I met Philip and Colette while asking them would they mind letting me leave some flyers in their hostel in Portrush last year, they offered me a tour. Showing me around the hostel Philip explained the pride they both have in making sure everything is of the highest standard – and it was. Each bedroom is en-suite (I REPEAT, EACH BEDROOM IN THIS HOSTEL IS EN-SUITE!), and spotless – they have private double bedrooms, rooms with four bunks, 8 bunks and everything inbetween. When we got to the very well proportioned kitchen he explained that breakfast is provided, free cereal, toast, tea and coffee – I have never had this in a hostel before. The kitchen led to an outdoor area for chilling out if the weather is nice – have a bbq, a few beers and of course somewhere to hang your wetsuit after surfing your brains out, a long kayak or just a swim at West Strand!

Colette made it clear surfers, and people wanting to learn to surf, were the type of people they wanted to attract – ‘surfers who come to Portrush are generally nice people here for a good laugh and a good nights rest – we want to provide them with exactly that.’

Its seemed only natural Alive Surf School and the hostel teamed up to provide the best value deal in Northern Ireland – one nights accommodation and one surfing lesson for £32.50.

Call 02870 821228 and speak to Colette or Philip to get booked in! Check out the hostel for yourself…..