Alive Surf School’s Founder Ricky Martin Chats about Networking in the New NI Tourist Board Video - Alive Surf School

May 19, 2014 Latest News

Alive Surf School has been featured in a new video from the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. In the film, which is about the “clustered experiences” being offered by various Portrush activity providers and other businesses, Alive owner Ricky Martin discusses the problems he initially faced when attempting to grow the school. Ricky says that when he first started the business, he was unable to market it in an efficient manner due to a lack of resources such as a large marketing budget.

Stronger Relationships

Ricky says that the business started to succeed after he began to direct his guests towards other services in the Portrush and Causeway area. After a short period of time, he found that the same businesses were starting to send their custom to the Alive Surf School, and mutually-beneficial relationships with other Portrush companies also started to prosper.

The Benefits of Networking

Alive is now able to offer joint packages with a number of other local businesses, such as the “surf and stay” offer, where customers can attend Alive Surf School and stay at the local Ramada hotel for a special price. Ricky says that some tourists once seemed unaware of what the local area had to offer, but when each business promotes other services, all concerned can benefit from extra custom. Alive has also formed robust relationships with local bars, cafes and restaurants, with a close-knit business community being built as a result. The clip features various business owners talking about the boosts that networking has given to the local economy.